International Academic Conference on the Application of Data Science and Social Innovation was held in our University[2018-07-05]

On July 4, the International Academic Conference on Data Science Applications and Social Innovation was held in Nanjing University. More than 300 experts and scholars from more than 40 top universities attended the conference. The theme of this conference is "Data and Information Technology for Social Innovation", which was opened by Jiangyingchun, Party Secretary of the School of Information Management of our school.

 President Lvjian pointed out that the new generation of information technology represented by the Internet, big data, and artificial intelligence is changing rapidly, which has brought great and far-reaching influence to the economic and social development, national management, social governance, and people's lives of all countries. Nanjing University has always been one of the active practitioners in the field of data science. Computer science and technology, intelligence science, management science and other disciplines closely related to data science have good academic traditions and recognized social reputation. It is a recognized academic and talent cultivation in China. Highland, It is one of the top five universities in our school's "double first-class" construction.

As the host of the conference, Sunjianjun, Dean of the School of Information Management of Nanjing University, introduced the construction of the "double first-class" subject of library and information and the preparations for the meeting.

The conference brought together 32 top scholars in global data science, computers, information management, and business management, including 11 well-known overseas scholars. During the meeting, delegates conducted in-depth reports and exchanges on topics such as semantic data and data services, data science education, knowledge mapping and data engineering, data analysis and data science applications, big data and business intelligence, data intelligence and data visualization.