Representatives of teachers and students of our Institute participate in the iConference 2018.[2018-04-14]

From March 25th to 28th, President Sunjianjun, Vice President Zhuqinghua, Professor Yeying, Professor Oushiyan, Professor Lijiang, Dr. Chen Si and  Song Shijie participated in the iConference 2018 meeting held in Sheffield, United Kingdom.

iConference is an annual gathering of scholars in the fields of books, intelligence, information management, and information systems around the world. It is hosted by iSchools organization member agencies every year. It has been held for 13 sessions since it was first held in 2005 and has now become one of the most important international conferences in the field of information research. This year, iConference, hosted by the School of Information at the University of Heffield and the University of Northumbria, has attracted more than 460 people from academia and industry around the world. The theme of this session is "Transforming Digital Works". The content of the meeting covers information retrieval, social media, information dissemination, information behavior, health Informatics, data monitoring, data mining, human-computer interaction, and information education. And other aspects.

As a member of the iSchools organization, President Sunjianjun, Vice President Zhuqinghua, and Professor Yeying of the Institute attended and participated in various activities such as the Dean's Forum and symposiums, and also communicated with colleagues from the top information colleges in the United Kingdom and the United States on international cooperation. Discussion. Professor Oushiyan made a report on the theme "Unconsolidated City on Simple Beauty" and Dr. Songshijie showed the theme wall paper entitled "Unincorporated Building on Mobile". The teachers and students of our college further demonstrated the style of the double-class discipline construction in the positive exchange and interaction with the international counterparts.