2018 Youth Scholar Frontier Forum Information Management Institute Colloquium[2018-05-13]

On the afternoon of May 9th, the 2018 Youth Scholars Frontier Forum Information Management School Colloquium was held by Nanjing University.

At the conference, three young scholars made excellent academic reports on their respective research results. First, Bianyiyang, a postdoctoral researcher from the University of Arizona in the United States, reported his research results on the evaluation of driving risk levels based on driver behavior data and the construction of vehicle premium pricing models. Zhangxiaofei, a doctor trained jointly by Harbin Institute of Technology and Hong Kong Polytechnic University, introduced the impact of policy changes on doctors in online healthy communities and explored the impact of online community incentive mechanisms on attracting new users and stimulating user contributions. Finally, Zhaoyuehua, from the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, introduced the theme of "Social Media and Health Big Data" based on the survey and analysis of the autism group on Facebook. A systematic analysis model of user interaction behavior and information dissemination of healthy groups on social media is constructed. At the same time, the three scholars also introduced their research experience and future research plans.

This conference showed the research results of the three young scholars and their novel ideas in their respective research fields, which have caused heated discussions between the teachers and students at the conference.