Research Seminar: Yong Tan, Integrating Machine Learning with Structural Econometric Models for Big Data Research[2016-10-29]

Title:Integrating Machine Learning with Structural Econometric Models for Big Data Research

In this presentation, I will discuss the opportunities and challenges for information systems research in the era of big data. Social media platforms, as an example, enable a plethora of innovative business models taking the advantage of the embedded data which are typically user generated, unstructured, dynamic, and networked. This calls for the development and application of advanced analytics tools which likely combine and integrate machine learning for achieving predictive accuracy and econometrics for inferring causal relationship. I will introduce the structural modeling approach which can effectively capture strategic behaviors, for example, forward-looking, and provide accurate description of data generation processes. A few examples in the areas of e-business, micro-financing, crowdfunding, and healthcare will be discussed.

Yong Tan, University of Washington, Neal and Jan Dempsey Professor

Organizer: Qinghua Zhu

Time: Oct 31 15:00-16:30

Venue: Room 211