Party Day Activities-Watching "Amazing, My Country"[2018-03-30]

 At 1:30 on March 29th, 30 members of the Labor Party committee of the Institute, led by Jiangyingchun, Party Secretary, went to Nanjing Zhongying Studios to watch the patriotic theme movie "Amazing, My Country." The film is based on the CCTV financial channel's documentary "Brilliant China" ,bringing us a more shocking experience.

The film presents China's development and achievements since the 18th National Congress of the Party on the big screen. It has recorded precious images of super projects such as China Bridge, China Road, China Car, China Port, China Network, FAST- the largest radio telescope in human history, and Blue Whale 2-the world's largest offshore drilling platform, over the past five years. The film shows the great efforts of the Chinese people in building a moderately prosperous journey in all respects. It shows the correct leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as its core, making the party members who observe the film feel very excited.

The film not only presents the grand project but also focuses on the lives of the people. While expressing the power of the great projects, it tells the story behind it. The tranquility and prosperity of the people can not be separated from the prosperity and prosperity of the country. Every major achievement of the country has brought together the magnificent forces of the people of the whole country. The "big country" and the "small family" are closely linked and inseparable.

After the viewing, everyone was excited and encouraged. As an ordinary Communist Party member, we must roll up our sleeves and work hard; Being in college, we must devote more enthusiasm to the construction of double class.