Information Management & Information Systems


Founded in 1992 succeeding from its predecessor of Information Science, this specialty features its course structure concerning the whole procedure of information processing including information creation, production, dissemination, retrieval, organization, analysis, assessment, and service. New courses about information technology have been added, putting emphasis on the latest achievements such as Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence, Multi-media Information Retrieval, Citation Analysis, Internet Information Resource, Digital Libraries, E-Commerce, Image Retrieval, Metadata, Network Marketing, etc. Most of the courses are now web-based. This specialty has become one of the quality majors in Jiangsu Province.


Library Science


This specialty, founded early in 1927, was resumed in 1978, recruited four-year undergraduate students in 1985, recruited master’s-degree students in 1986, and recruited doctoral students in 2004. There are 8 faculty members: 5 professors (including 3 doctoral advisors, and 1 part-time professor), 3 associate professors. Up till now they have published 219 research articles, 21 monographs and 8 text books. 63 research projects have been assumed by this division, 10 of which are state-leveled. So far, this division has recruited 41 master’s-degree students, 27 of whom have graduated. The main courses are Brief Introduction of Documentation, Outline of Administration, Principle and Methodology of Systematic Management, Computer Programming, Principle of Databases, Information Dissemination Technologies, Information Storage & Organization, Information Retrieval, Document Protection, Document Resource Collection, Library Modernization & Management, etc.


Archive Science


The Archives specialty was formally founded in 1986 when we began to recruit four-year undergraduate students and second bachelors-degree students. We recruited masters-degree students in 1999. This specialty features scientific and technical archives management as well as multi-disciplined academic background. We have 3 professors and 2 associate professors, with over 200 research articles, 20 monographs and textbooks published.


Editing & publishing  Science


Although Editing & Publishing has more than 10 years of history as a masters-degree specialty, it is a brand new undergraduate specialty of e-publishing. We have an Electronic Editing & Publishing Engineering Lab and Publishing Science Institute. The two professors are state-famous scholars. Our main courses focus on: Background of Editing, Publishing Economy & Administration, Multi-media Technology Application, Publishing Law, Modern Publishing Technology, Circulation, etc.